A02:Ewout Vis

I do consider my glass panels as being paintings. Or at least when I work on the layout I think about it in the vocabulary of a painting. Instead of paint I use float-glass that I cut, break and glue on a wooden panel. Therefore it also gets a 3D aspect. Not only for the outer dimensions but due to its transparency also for the inside space of the glass mass. A change in direction or intensity of light or in your own point of view, also changes the appearance of the work, sometimes radically. 
In fracture comes to me the essence of glass most strongly forward, hard, sharp and sparkling. This expressive side of the glass I use in my work. With the unexpected beauty of this mundane material I do create images that are not about glass, but are glass.


website: www.ewoutvis.nl
vlindervleugels 2 

Ewout Vis | vlindervleugels 2, 2016
glass, aluminium foil on panel
60cm x 60cm x 8cm