A02:Matthew Frock

Zen could be described as the guiding star in my art practice. My work is meditative. In fields of color, I work to achieve balance. The process clears my mind and highlights conflicts in the same way sitting meditation can.

It’s like a game. Each mark a move towards balance and completion and just as often destruction. My paintings come together like a wave crashing on the canvas. The initial marks are a fast, sloppy rumble followed by smaller, more calculated mark making until the final layers are applied with careful thought. A finished painting is usually made up of many waves.

The rules of the game create the natural aesthetic in my work: there is no such thing as a mistake; there are no marks too precious to be destroyed; react to instinct as purely as possible. Creating in this way allows for other forces to involve themselves in my work. For me, it’s the collaboration with the unknown that I find most fascinating.

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Havre de Rotheneuf 

Matthew Frock | Havre de Rotheneuf, 2019
Artist-made gouache on clayboard.
40cm x 30cm x 1cm