A30:Raphaël Demarteau

This series of works focuses on the imprint of time. Some of the panels can also be discovered on both sides so that landscapes are taking some different directions. The stories are always in movement just as if the image had been divided into pieces.
Some parts of nature interact with structures and geometric lines. These contrasts raise the question of sudden changes in landscapes : Where do we stand in relation to that evolution? Do we have the power to make a difference?

The use of charcoal is related to my roots : My grandfather left Italy to work in the mines. Uprooted from all that he had known until then to support his family and hope to rebuild a better life.
I have always been attracted to this dry, dark matter from nature that reminds me of coal and becomes dust.
The charcoal, noble material, leaves traces, like an imprint in time. It glides and crashes with lightness to provoke contrasting games, to go from the darkness to the light...of the day.


website: www.raphaeldemarteau.com
"Structured waves" 

Raphaël Demarteau | "Structured waves", 2018
Oil sticks, charcoal and pigments on panels
60cm x 120cm x 5cm